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Webydo, Where 50K Professional Designers Are Creating Their Websites, Code-Free

For years in the traditional method of website design the developers are the ones who receive the larger piece of the pie. Research shows that developers take away 70% of the total amount spent by the clients and the designers receive only 30% of it.

A group of people who were running a design agency themselves couldn’t accept this and decided to do something about it. And Webydo was born.

Webydo is a website design platform whose sole priority is to serve the needs of professional designers and to enable them to design a website design without having to write a single line of code or hire a developer.  This is not just another website design builder because unlike others, Webydo gives you complete control over website design and provides unmatched professional features. This powerful online design software is designed to allow designers to feel comfortable with the familiar design features that look and feel something like that of ‘Photoshop’ or ‘InDesign.’


Below I’ll begin to scratch the surface and uncover some of the features that set apart this B2B online web design platform.

Code free

As I said, Webydo puts designers in charge and is allowing designers to create websites without having to hire or rely on developers. Designers will have access to all the necessary features to design, publish and manage the website in the front, while Webydo generates the code in the background.

This is possible because Webydo hired a team of highly qualified mathematicians to design their algorithm. This algorithm does the job of the developers and takes your design and turns it into a VC3 validated code.

 webdesign 2


CMS stands for Content Management System.

As I said above the HTML code for the website will be generated and this is stored in a friendly CMS. In this CMS your client can change, delete or update any content elements on the website without the involvement of the designer. The designer can also even define certain design elements which will get locked for CMS changes. This will ensure that your client may not accidentally cause any harm to the design and you preserve artistic control.


Unlike many other site design platforms, Webydo comes with a Bill Your Client feature. This feature lets designers generate professional receipts from the Webydo dashboard itself. Designers won’t have to use third party tools for bills. This will save them the hassle and time of operating multiple accounts.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. One of the most popular activities that people do online is search.  Google, Yahoo! and Bing can prove to be huge sources of traffic if you optimize your site properly for the search engines.

Webydo provides some in-built features which will let you tap in a lot of this search traffic. It’s good for site creators as many clients demand and like sites which are optimized well for search.

Build Your Brand

You can fully rebrand the Webydo dashboard by putting your brand identity front and center. Designers can put their logo into their client’s login screen, in their dashboard, on their design studio, and onto the client’s CMS.

Make the system your own so that you feel at home when working on it and build a powerful online business.


And finally we have to mention Webydo’s Participate page. Here, their growing community of professional designers that already exceeds 50K, are regularly adding new features suggestions, voting on what to add next and reaping the benefits when they see their suggestions made into a reality. The team at Webydo is take website creation to the next level, but not just letting their designers create and publish websites, but by asking them first hand to contribute to the growth of the platform.

The site is worth checking out. Go and take a look at it, create a website with their free version and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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