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Interview With The Creative Digital Artist Vlad Gerasimov

With a great spirit of innocence and purity we will be here today with the wonderful Russian artist Vlad Gerasimov! I was always -and still- keen to follow his amazing website and all his works firsthand to enjoy it on my desktop. All of his works have an extremely high level of professionalism in resolution as well as choice of colors, and each piece contains a word or a story! What a lovely unique illustrations he has!!!  It’s really sends the comfort and serenity when viewed! Vlad has a great deal of talent and uniqueness so that able to highlight the beauty from and with simplest stuff! You’ll see here what will pleased your eyes truly, and I bet that your screen will be the dearest friend with his wallpapers as mine!



It is our pleasure to interview you Mr. Gerasimov, and on the occasion of art and the innocent beauty that will be seen in this page, tell us before everything how do you define the beauty?

Thanks for interviewing! I do not get interviewed often. I never defined beauty. Because well everybody understands it in his own way. For me, it is (artistic) honesty more than anything else.

Well, let’s start with how did your career begin, and come up with your style?

I studied as economist, but always had pen drawings in my notebooks. I also learned Photoshop, but not for art – I started working as software interface designer. Then, these 2 skills collided. Result – artworks

What’s the difference between traditional and digital painting in your view, and what was your first experience with graphic software, and how you have evolved as an artist since then?

I can’t tell well, because I have very little experience with traditional drawings (brushes, inks, etc). From my point of view, as long as your drawings are good, the technique does not matter much. I started learning Photoshop about 10 years ago, and I’ve been learning it ever since. It seems like infinite piece of software.

You have a quite unique style indeed. your mini simple characters have an effective innocent expressions! It’s really quite impressive, and have spirit can be touched easily. What’s the source of inspiration to create such wonderful fictional characters, and how long time do you take to reach the required result?

Thanks! I always do not know how to reply about inspirations 🙂 I am inspired by many different things. Unusual art by others, mostly, or some beautiful scenery.

I impressed by “Who stole the moon” a lot! and wished if I completed the rest of the story! : ) It’s really cute. Thank you and the author for this creativity! : )
Let’s talk in this regard, everyone know today, the role volume which the painting plays in order to clarify the meaning. In childhood, it’s easy for the child to get the meaning through visual clarification much more than verbal. In your opinion, what must be available in the children’s illustrator to cover these aspects well, and how he must choose his colors to affects the child positively?

Well, this is another question I never know the answer about – the colors. There are no bad colors, I think, but there are mis-used colors. Different artists use colors differently. There are no recipes.

Children’s books are such an equation between the author and illustrator. Tell us a little about this equation. For instance, how do you feel that you satisfy all parties? You, the author and thereafter the child.

Each page in my book started with a pencil sketch, which I discussed with Helen (the author). Luckily, I had lots of freedom and could let my imagination go.

Have you encountered difficulty before in coming up with a concept? If so, how did you overcome?
If you mean concept for the book pages, it usually took more than one sketch before I could “catch” the visual idea behind the text.

Tell us a little about the most important aspects of the various stages of your design process, what mediums do you work with, and what’s the environment that you like to work in?

I work from home, I have no separate studio, but I have dedicated room for work. I usually start with pencil sketches, then scan then and continue my work in Photoshop.



To date what would you say are your favorite pieces that you have created, and why?
As they say, my best works are in future. Some of my own favorites are:




What is the most important thing you have learned since you started illustrating?
That the best illustrations have a story visible behind them

Who are your favorite artists, and your favorite websites?
I often add my favorites websites HERE, and I keep track of my favorite artists HERE.

What are your goals for the future?
Draw more books! Draw more wallpapers! Publish interactive e-books!

Any advice for those who are starting out their career?
Have no rest. Be always honest.

What people can know about Gerasimov away of the art? *-)
That I am tall and thin and have glasses 🙂

Is there something I haven’t asked about that you’d like to share?
Nope, I am shy guy and do not share much about myself!

Could I finally know who stole the moon? XD
Buy the book to find out!

I think I’ll do! Thanks again Mr. Gerasimov for this valuable opportunity, as well, for your positive creativity! We had the honor of having you here indeed! Best of luck in the future, precisely with interactive ebooks! *-)

Visit Vlad’s site by clicking the link below and enjoy more!

Vlad Gerasimov on Deviant Art


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  1. Great interview… Oh and if i can maybe recommend some artist for your future interview, it’d be Michelle Jernberg (aka demiveemon on deviantArt): http://demiveemon.deviantart.com/

    I really like her style.

    Keep up the good work!

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