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The uniqueness of monsters

When we first hear the word monsters, freaky and ugly faces come to mind, but in the city of Arabia, Jeddah,  stands a doodler that will turn your definition of monster upside down.



Basma Amin, known by her pen name “Bihh” shows another definition of the word monsters by her unique way of illustrating them with happy faces and painting them with bright colors. She is taking monsters on another level.


How do you define your art?
Its when your inspired to create something out of nothing, adding a touch of imagination, mixed up with your emotions, or feelings, or your state of mind, with or without a message, or a cause, or a thought, all gambled up into a complicated or a simple piece.

What basically pushes or inspires you to do art?
It was because I was bored and my mind was filled with imagination that I started drawing monster. So boredom is one of the things that pushes me into drawing and creating something new. Many things inspire me to create something; a quote, a scene, a cause, a sentence someone said. I try not limiting myself in the things that inspire me, because the world itself does.



Why do you and on what purpose do you create and make art?
Why I make and create; because its how I want to express something in a cute monster way, or maybe because I just want to create something different. The purpose is to let out what I have flowing in my mind on a paper; at least as much as I can.
How do you want your art to affect and influence your audience?
First I want them to realize that the monters I draw are a part of art, no matter how un-spreading they are. I also want them to realize that there is goodness and beauty in everything; because monsters normally are evil ugly creatures, but I’ve drawn mine in a way to make people realize that they are the opposite of the definition people give.
As an artist, on what level can you categorize yourself?
I don’t really call my self an artist, rather a doodler is what I mostly go by. I am still not deep into art, and once that happens I’ll call myself an artist. 
What’s the thing that people will always notice on your art?
That they are monsters! and that they are different.
Do you think your art can be a tool or the betterment of this world?
I haven’t really thought about it, but why not.


Anyone who would see her works would always have a smile on their faces, she doesn’t just showcases the unusual beauty of these cute creatures but also sends a message that our mind can do and draw many things if we just take part of what we really want to do and show the world, through her intricate and delicate doodling she doesn’t notice how much inspiration she gives to her audience, with her works, people can say that art is really fun to do and that art requires much patience because with good patience stands a glorious victory or result. masha’Allah.

At this point Bihh, sends a message to all,

“Never quit on what you love drawing no matter how ugly it seems, nothing ever comes easy at first; and thats the joy of it. Looking back at your old work and realizing how much you’ve improved and how much your skills have developed that is what I call joy, and an achievement. Art comes in many forms, and if yours don’t fit in the normal categories people give, create your own on and start spreading it! “


She’s such a sweet girl and an amazing one, and yes she is Muslim and loves Islam, a proud Arabian 🙂


To see more of her works you can visit here on:


or be updated with her life and doodles on:


All the pictures has copyrights to Basma Amin © 2011 on Flickr.com.

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