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Top Freaky Monsters Art

We Share with you Top Freaky Monsters Art !! to put something scare with creative Details really  Get your attention !! these artists shows alot off efforts on their works !! ِAll detailed very well !! take a look at shading and Position of their work it’s hard to do such work like these !! hope you will find them inspiring too !! Tools used ( Photoshop – Pen tablet – Corel Draw ) . Enjoy


Smoking MonsterRubber Ducky the Cyborg

rubber_ducky_the_cyborg_by_phlip627Man Eats World

Man Eats WorldMidkemia


IllithidRed Skull




Undead mage

undead mageEvil Face

Evil FaceThe Joker

The JokerRatman Stalker

Ratman StalkerLMS – ABADDON –

LMS - ABADDON -mighty minotaur

mighty minotaurDeath Note- Ryuk

Death Note- RyukThe Fishman Fighter

The Fishman FighterSea mutant

sea mutantParanoid: Weep

Paranoid: WeepHeralds Of Galactus

Heralds Of GalactusBaraka



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  1. Thats Realy Aowsome
    I Like IT
    Thank You

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