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Skill of photography with creative photographer Jari Mäntylä

Photography is the process, activity and art of creating to preserve memories of favorite times, to capture special moments, to tell stories, to send messages, and as a source of entertainment. An art began and still attracts lots and lots even non amateur, especially in recent times with the noticeable improvement in digital cameras.
Accordingly today we interview Jari Mäntylä an awesome photographer from Finland, began his career since 1995, characterize by a variety types of photography such an abandoned, equipment and heavy machinery, urban life, humans, macro and many other expressive shots. Has a charming touch and special effects to all his works which speaks about itself and explain the subject in a pure way making the recipient get it easily, That made us to meet with him to tell us how he reached this limit of creativity and to see what insights he had to help those considering following his footsteps into the inspiring world of photography, And of course we thank him for giving us this opportunity to this interesting interview.

Joy of working in the forest by Jari Mantyla

. Tell us a little about yourself and if you have any other hobby out of photography?

I’m an amateur photographer from northern Finland. I work in the mining industry and I have always been interested in photographic art etc. I have few hobbies other than photography. Namely just astronomy and movies.

. How did you get your start in photography? What lead you to it?

I was working as a trainee in mining and one older worker told me about his camera equipment and I got interested too. I got my first SLR and shot a lot on slide film. Later I upgraded into dSLR stuff.

The Steam Turbine by Jari Mantyla

. Do you have any formal training regarding photography?

I have not. I took two Photoshop courses at the local community college but that’s all.

Red Ascend by Jari Mantyla

. We noticed that you have multiple types of photography, so what do you prefer the most??

I prefer HDR with graphic look. I’m also interested in macro photography but so far I have had no good experiences with it. I would like to shoot studio portraits and such but they are still a dream.

. What do you think the most challenging thing about photography generally?

The most difficult thing is ‘seeing’ the ready image. Sometimes I see it well in advance but often the vision is a bit unclear. Usually the best results come from the unclear visions. The image develops itself during post processing.

Peace and Quiet by Jari Mantyla

. If you had to choose one lens, which one would it be and why?

From my own repertoire it would probably be the Nikkor AF-S 50/1.4 since I love the shallow DOF which it develops and the sensitivity to light.

Box full of memories by Jari Mantyla

. What advice do you have for amateurs wanting to become professional?

Shoot a lot. Develop your inner eye. Learn to see the final result before shooting. Look at what you have in the frame; is it all necessary. The less in the frame, the more powerful the image.

We thank you so much Mr Jari after this wonderful meeting, we really enjoyed this interview with you proving hard and diligent work to achieve success. and hope you realize your dream in professional portraits field and become one of the photographers of eminent persons in the community, who knows, there is nothing away with the insistence.

Alley of broken hearts by Jari Mantyla

The dead patriarch by Jari Mantyla

Kemi 29 10 2009 by Jari Mantyla

Kemi by Jari Mantyla

Escape by Jari Mantyla

Sidetracked by Jari Mantyla

Transported to Mittweida by Jari Mantyla

The Rail King by Jari Mantyla

Destination unknown by Jari Mantyla

Electrons lost by Jari Mantyla

For the sake of two ounces by Jari Mantyla

First Snow by Jari Mantyla

Sampo icebreaker by Jari Mantyla

Motel bound to die by Jari Mantyla

Garden of ghosts by Jari Mantyla

Skippar by Jari Mantyla

Under the winter by Jari Mantyla

Up in flames by Jari Mantyla

Useless by Jari Mantyla

Broken dreams by Jari Mantyla

Murderous intent by Jari Mantyla

Entering a dream by Jari Mantyla

Entering my dreams by Jari Mantyla

Sadachbia by Jari Mantyla

Miaplacidus by Jari Mantyla

Arrakis by Jari Mantyla

My pine by Jari Mantyla

Nair Al Saif by Jari Mantyla

Antares by Jari Mantyla

Vesi by Jari Mantyla

October tear by Jari Mantyla

The river boy portrait by Jari Mantyla

Time flies river boy by Jari Mantyla

The river boy and the radio by Jari Mantyla

Exhibit 3O The river boy by Jari Mantyla

Meadows of heaven by Jari Mantyla

It's a hard life by Jari Mantyla

Best years of our lives by Jari Mantyla

Author unknown by Jari Mantyla

Friday night fun by Jari Mantyla

Best friends by Jari Mantyla

Talvik by Jari Mantyla

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  1. all your photos
    very good work

  2. Brilliance!!!

  3. Beautiful works!

  4. Very impressive! I will show them to my wife. She was an art professor in Australia for 16 years. Best wishes,G.R.

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