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Interview with the amazing Fractalist Sharkie

Initially, let us know about Fractal a bit…
Fractals are a geometrical structure having an irregular or fragmented form at all scales of measurement, that can be subdivided into parts in such a manner that the shape of each part resembles the shape of the whole, to show up a beautiful curious image.
Briefly, it’s an extremely creative art!

Not long ago, I came across Sharkie totally by accident. I was so impressed when I viewed her colorful gallery and how she has a high sense of flair has robbed my mind! She has a splendid sense reflected on all her graphics which combines a stunning lighting and colorful combination to produce amazing piece of fractal. She has a special style that exudes energy. Each piece of her works I feel it has an epic philosophical behind it! She has been doing fractals for about 2 years, but really with such creativity as if it was years. Magnificence is not confined to her works only, but on her friendly humble person also. An artist who act modestly with friends and non friends even.
In line, she’s a fantastic person! It’s my pleasure and I had the honor to interviewing her, and showcasing her amazing works as a real inspiration for Fractal fans.


First of all, I’d like to thank you for giving us some of your time for this interview with Desigg. Tell us a little about yourself such how do you spend your day usually and if you have other hobbies or interests.

Well, im just a boring girl. I love love love to read in my spare time. I can’t go a day without reading! I like to cook, sing, and of course make fractals and stamps for dA.

How did you get started in Fractals graphics ?

Truthfully, I saw one of my watchers post this weird looking graphic picture. After that, I had to make them. They are so beautiful, I had to learn more about them.

1st Place LuxJai

Your pieces are always full of creativity with a renewed style, and each one more beautiful than the other. That leads us to inquire where does your inspiration come from?

Life. I know it’s such a broad inspiration, but it’s true. If you look at my titles, most of them are about relationships, nature, troubles, etc. Sometimes its about people. I see someone give off a certain personality, it shows up in my work. Pretty funny.

Do you imagine the composition then decide to apply it, or do you deduce the ideas while you’re working on?

I’m horrible at planning pieces. Some just come to me. Some are ideas from watchers and friends on dA. I try to plan piece but they never show my true abilities. I like to be a little uncertain about what to make because it really can bring out the best fractals.

Green Tea

There is a countless variety of fractals and several ways to create them. Let us mention the most known such Kleinian sets, Julia sets, Koch Snowflake, IFS Fractals, Apollonian Set, Gumowski-MiraAttractor, Peano Curves, 3D Kleinians, and much more…
Which type you prefer the most so far, whether I mentioned or not, and which type you’d like to become more experienced in?

Mine are super simple… I like the elliptical splits and spherical bubbles. I love the shapes and when I find a beautiful gradient to go with it the piece becomes a masterpiece. Throughout my work you can see I go a little “overboard” on the spherical bubbles. It’s because I really enjoy making them. I would say I’m experienced on a few like the spherical bubble, but not all varieties.

The Swan's Feathers

Wooded Forests

In your opinion, what is the most challenging thing about Fractals art, and what’s your take on the growth of Fractal designers nowadays?

The most challenging thing about Fractals is learning the programs. I pretty much taught myself how to use the programs, but as a beginner (and still) I have to say learning programs is the hardest.

Fractals nowadays are very…elaborate. I like seeing the fractal community come up with these unique and fun designs. It must take hours and hours to create, but it’s totally worth it!

Purple Haze

Out of all Fractals you did, which ones are the closest to you and why?

SANCTUM, I’m a sucker for crackle, the variation used to fill in the bubbles. This one is personal because it this was the first fractal that I got the most positive feedback on. I always have trouble with the “blur” variation, but this time it was wonderful.


FROST, I used to make monthly fractals. It stopped after a while because I always forgot to upload them.  This one was for December. I had just began making flowers. It’s so much fun but very hard to get the petal right. I finally got this after a couple of hours just messing around with the tutorial. I’m quite proud of this.


CENTRAL TO THE HEART, This is my most viewed fractal. I wonder why???? BECAUSE IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL! I used a flame pack by another deviant. I tweaked the flame around for about 3 or 4 hours…then I got this! Beautiful, huh.

Central To the Heart

Intimately with the previous question, if you’d give someone you love piece of your pieces, which one will you pick and why?

Hmmm….tricky. I would have to say, it depends. My work stretches from one spectrum to another. (Relationships, life, love, nature, humor, etc.)

Who are some of your favorite artists, whether known or a friend is worth mentioning?
Fractal artists from dA
SaTaNiA | Fiery-Fire | lindelokse. All amazing fractalists!

Which are the apps you use to create your piece, and what skills and technologies are you most interested in?

I use Apophysis 7X created by a deviant as well. (We have some amazing people on dA) I always say this but I think technology hates me! XD I usually stick with a mouse or table (sometimes).

You Say Things...

How long time do you take usually to finish a complex piece?

5 or 6 hours…. it really depends on the render quality. I like mine bright, shiny, and clean. It probably takes me about 3 hours tor render.

Have you received any formal training or is it self taught?

I get help once in a while with fractals. When I want to learn something new I always do research then go on dA for help. Most of it has been self taught.

Where am I Going

The Dark Side of Happiness

Rainforest Waters

Do you earn any sort of income from your art?

No. Nope. No. I don’t like selling my fractals for money. I love to create them for others to see. Not make them for the pleasure of money.

From your point, what steps should be followed by any newbie to become distinct in Fractal designs?

Know your software. If you don’t, you’ll be very, very, lost.

Second Place - DazzledBy

As a final word, what is your principle in life?

Have fun while I can. I’m not getting any younger! XD

And I say to you at the end, please keeping your awesomeness up!
I repeat my thanks Sharkie for your precious time, and we really enjoyed this interview.
You are such a person who has high awareness mind and great love for creativity!


Musky Fire

Her Night

Happy Places

For SpiritMountain

Boat and Sunset

Blue Days

2nd Place anniecheng09


Holding Hands


Angel Wings

A Blue Flame

Actually, while I was browsing her gallery, I got confused what should I take to display here!
Sharkie has a lot of gorgeous pieces!
Don’t miss to visit her gallery on Deviant Art.

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  1. Absolutely amazing! I would love to have an entire wall dedicated to this. Excellent work!

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