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Serene Photos from the Arabian Peninsula

Simplicity has been synonymous to beauty. We may not find a good example of this particular thought but when we go and travel in the cyber world, we’ll find it and prove that there is beauty in minimal and minute pieces of images.

This is what Ala Al-Fagih, a 26-year old photgrapher from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, calmly executes on her works. Being a senior student on the Masters Degree of English Literature at King Saud University, Ala fuses her knowledge with her works in a very tranquil way, making all her images visually talking to your eyes and mind.

“Poignant, meaningful and a mind bender”

-three trademark words to describe Ala Al-Faigh’s photos.

“Abstract, minimal, tranquil and has a deeper meaning than the surface level.”

Truly, Ala’s photos are of minimal style, no much details are seen but its very full of meanings, visions and statements.

What basically pushes or inspires you to do art?

Currently I lack inspiration yet I am eager to create art. Art is a form of beauty and pleasure, sharing that with the world and receiving feedback pushes me to be more creative and unique.

Why do you and on what purpose do you create and make art?
Art can be a form of escape from reality to a better calm and quiet world.  A form of getting out of the ordinary to a realm of imagination you might have not known existed. I try to inspire people with my art, even if it were only to make them look at things differently.



How do you want your art to affect and influence your audience?

I would like to think that my art inspires other by questioning the piece of work, what is meant by it or what was on the artists mind while creating it. Does it reflect the artists feelings or does it have many levels of meaning.



As an artist, on what level can you categorize yourself?

I am a hobbyist, I would not say that I am a professional photographer nor am I an amateur photographer, I believe I take the middle ground. I know for a fact that I have a lot to learn about photography.



What’s the thing that people will always notice on your art?

Some of the feedback I got includes that my work has a tranquil sense to it. I also get many questions regarding my abstract work, questioning the piece and what is it exactly as I try to have my own point of view when it comes to abstract photography.



Do you think your art can be a tool or the betterment of this world?

This is very difficult to answer, but I would like to think that my work would have a hand in the betterment of the world.



Ala isn’t just the typical Arabian girl, she is more than what you have in mind. I have known her for a long time and she is truly a person that always has an open mind, accepts reality, forgives and when she calls you a friend, she really means that. Aside from her artistic touches on photography, she also values the word of Allah(subhanahu wa’a Tala) through her piety and modesty that really emanates in her photos. The beauty she has is a spectacle from heaven from which the almighty has bestowed with savant grandeur and love.Indeed, her works define meaning of multiple interpretations.

Here Ala leaves a message to the youth:

Always believe in yourself and in your art, take negative and positive feedback to improve your work. Never let anyone hold you back from your dreams. This is one of my favorite quotes that keeps me going forward when it comes to my own dreams. There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can’t. What you’ve got to do is turn around and say “WATCH ME” – Layned Beachley


To see more of her works please visit: lalyita on deviantArt

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