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Eyes from the sands of Arabia

From the sands of Arabia, creativity encompasses the heart’s desires, overwhelms the capacity of the intellectual mind and visualized by a breathe of their own, Basel Abu-Baker.

“My art is a reflection of my own pattern of thinking and preservatives of life that embodies one of the most beautiful forms of art, photography.”

Basel Abu-Baker is not just a mere photographer rather an extra ordinary one. The delicate and romantic way of capturing images of life through his lenses is the link that makes and emerges his talent.

Here are some insights that this amazing photographer shared within the corners of his artistic and passionate knowledge in his love, photography.

What basically pushes or inspires you to do art?

To showcase and expose the relationship of nature, life and emotions of people; when these are all combined they somehow create and compose a perfect scenery of appreciation, a scene that no words can ever describe.

Why do you and on what purpose do you create and make art?

Through out my photography ,i push people and capture their attention towards our life in a tiny yet amazingly beautiful detailed way; starting from the spider’s 4 glowing eyes till the amazing light rays behind every cloud in the sky, all those to prove that beauty is all around us.

How do you want your art to affect and influence your audience?

Whenever people notice the beauty in everything that surrounds them they develop the sense of appreciation towards their surroundings and then that’s where positivity surfs up on their attitude and lifestyle. Thus, photography indirectly enhances the community’s way of living.

I consider myself as an amateur photographer who still has a lot to observe, understand and learn.

Basel has this characteristic of being always humble and down to earth, which other artists leave behind as they get into the summit of their success, but with him the glowing purity of kind heart and white soul always shines through his works and words.

What’s the thing that people will always notice on your art?

When people take glance of my art, it’s always the reflection of big ideas or issues along with its ultra simplicity are taken notice.

Do you think your art can be a tool for the betterment of this world?

Photography is considered as one of the most effective ways in stimulating peoples’ minds towards any intended direction as we can see in the types of visual media. So yes, i think it can.

The creative mind of Basel will always enchant the visions and minds of his viewers, every image created from his hand draws a line of curiosity and amazement that makes them continue to seek more and more to eventually find an exact and appropriate answer to these ideas and queries brought by these simple yet very expressive images.

At the end of this note, Basel leaves a message to the youth:

First, I would like to thank all the people who supported art in all its forms and i wish that they keep supporting and following artists from around the world, for they are the spices that keeps artists getting all those creativity and development.

Mr. Abu-Baker will continue to inspire and talk to the people through his images, maybe the thing that really separates him from all the other artistic photographers is that he fabricates his works with much emotional servitude that makes all of his images speak.

He’s a new wonder, a new spectacle and a new inspiration not only by his talents but also by his characteristics. A true blooded Muslim by his attributes and a true dune of Arabia. With you, our amazement will always blossom.

To see more of his works please visit:


  1. Basel always inspired me as one of the most creative photographers who gives a lot of attention to the smallest details, yet most importantly he always inspires me with his great personality and his love for life and beauty…Proud of you as always, keep it up 🙂

  2. Lovely article Zohayma! and great photographer!

  3. . The delicate and romantic way of capturing images of life through his lenses is the link that makes and emerges his talent.

    Really amazing collection ..
    can I save the photos in my device or should I buy it , it’s really fantastic and the most importent its so … alive

  4. Wow wow There are no words
    as your” the expressive photos”

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