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20 Photoshop Retouching and Photo Correction Tutorials

Photoshop is full of several tricks and techniques you can play with to make your photos perfect and cuter! There are many tips to hide the defects, improving skin tone, removing wrinkles, change eyes color, customizing lighting and so many things to beautifying the photo features. Retouching photos is an effective way to enhance your skills in Photoshop as well! Here are some examples and misc tutorials of “Before and After”. Watch and apply then enjoy your photo AFTER. ^_*


Eye Color Change

Make Eyelashes Thicker

Eery-Eye Photo Manipulation

Eery-Eye Photo Manipulation

Adjusting Skin Tones in Photoshop

How to Get perfect Skin!

Using Photoshop to Improve Skin Quality

Skin Retouching in Photoshop

Reducing 5 O’clock Shadow And Beard Stubble In Photoshop

Selecting & Extracting Hair – Masking Tutorial – Extraction Tips

Quick Tip: Easily Change a Specific Color in Photoshop

Restore an Old Photo

Professional Photograph Restoration Workflow

Subtract a Decade of Someone’s Age

Remove a Tan Line

Extreme Make-Over – Looking Younger the Easy Way

Color Correction Will Make Your Colors Happy – Basix

Achieve HDR Style Effects Using Photoshop and the Lucis Art Filter

Reducing Wrinkles With The Healing Brush In Photoshop

Retouching Wrinkles


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