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Authenticity of Islamic Art with masterpieces of Painter Malik Anas Al Rajab

Sometimes, it is difficult to find words to express the magnificence of what the eye sees. So, The Paintings are more fluent and louder than words. I have seen many types of visual arts, but I discovered through this artist, another form and another world which is filled and surrounded by colors. His works takes you from reality into a classical and warm world. Islamic art and calligraphy, drawn by the hand of the artist Malik Anas Al Rajab, transmits images of his mind and soul in the most beautiful manner, affecting those who watch it.

Malik Anas was born in Baghdad-Iraq on Dec. 27th,1976 Began his journey with calligraphy when he was about 16 years old, then he specialized in contemporary calligraphy using graphic design approach and tools since 2005, distinguishing himself as a very inspired artist.

It is our pleasure to interview him and eager to find out what he holds in the quiver of his creativity.

Oriental Pages Page39 by malikanas

It’s our pleasure Mr Malik to conduct this dialogue with you and eager to tell us what is your most challenging style of painting which mixed with calligraphy and which do you prefer the most?

I look at each new piece as a new challenge; as I try to make new experiments in every new work, so I think that the challenging part for me is to try new things, new approaches…etc.
I tried to focus on the main style and work flow when I first started to specialize in abstract calligraphy and I spent much time on learning the tools that I felt necessary for the job.

Oriental Pages Page 45 by malikanas

Can you briefly describe how you creating your work from A to Z, for instance in terms of idea how to apply and how many time it takes?

I usually draw some sketches (on paper or directly in Illustrator) when I am satisfy with the composition I then make a digital version either by scan the sketch or by drawing the result using a digital pen. Then I start to work on the background which is the essence of the work.

The BG should complement the composition and be compatible with it. Many times some changes are necessary to make sure of this.  The background can be a single image (scanned or drawn) or a collection of many images.

I keep working from this point (merging the calligraphic composition with the background) until I am satisfy with the result.  This process could take a few hours or few days until the elements all fall into place and the work is done.

Oriental Pages-Page 44 by malikanas

What is your outlook for the graphics specially your art work?

I think that I have found in graphic design a way that enabled me to express myself. For the past 5 years I started to infuse two of my passions (Calligraphy and Graphic Design) which led me to my Oriental Pages Collection. I wanted to keep and develop my identity, I was certain that calligraphy can be represented in a high fashioned manner. Graphic Design was my may to do so. There is a growing interest in calligraphy and typography (in the Arab World and abroad) and Arabic calligraphy is no exception.

Who or what inspires you in this field from the Arab or west world?

Manuscripts were always a great source of inspiration to me, browsing through the heritage of exquisite Islamic manuscripts samples (especially the Mamluki era manuscripts and works 1250-1517) always trigger my urge to work on a new piece. Also, many artists from around the world like Nja Mahdaoui, Brody Neuenschwander, Denis Brown, Alice Young and many others.

Oriental Pages-Page 38 by malikanas

What are programs or tools which you use in production of any piece?

Tools: pen and paper.
Programs: Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Oriental Pages-Page 50 by malikanas

What can we know about Malik Anas away of art and if he has other hobbies ?

I usually create small projects for myself and then work on them. Projects that sometimes revolve on learning something new or to learn more about a subject. The learning process is a very powerful tool so I try to use it whenever possible.  My favorite subject is history so there is no shortage of resources!

Oriental Pages-Page 47 by malikanas

What plans Malik for the future?

I hope that I could make more experimentation artworks and infuse calligraphy with architectural projects, furniture design and product design.  I believe that we have neglected this beautiful art form for so long and we need to know that it has so many potentials and can be incorporate effectively and beautifully in our daily life items.

Oriental Pages-Page 60 by malikanas

What advice would you give to those trying to go into this field?

Love your craft, commit to it, and learn your tools well.
Focus on your specialty and try to learn as much as you can about it, after all…Knowledge is power.

Finally I’d like to thank you Mr Malik for being with us and sharing all of these fabulous pieces and valuable informations, Salute you this hard work to bring highest meanings of art and beauty.

Oriental Pages-Page37 by malikanas

Oriental Pages-Page41 by malikanas

Oriental Pages-Page 51 by malikanas

Oriental Pages-Page 54 by malikanas

Oriental Pages-Page 55 by malikanas

Oriental Pages-Page08 by malikanas

Oriental Pages-Page20 by malikanas

Oriental Pages-Page25 by malikanas Oriental Pages-Page26 by malikanas Oriental Pages-P04 by malikanas oriental pages-page42 by malikanas Oriental Pages-Page27 by malikanas Oriental Pages-Page63 by malikanas

[ These paintings were just some of Oriental Pages Collection ]

To see the rest of collection, and for more unique artworks of  Malik Anas Al Rajab,
visit his gallery on the following link:



  1. هذا شرف لنا استاذ مالك
    عمل راقي وعالي الحرفية
    سدد الله خطاك ومنها لأعلى يارب
    it’s such an honor to see our cultural art goes around the world many thanks to this site and for Mr.malik anas

  2. i love this collection specially i am a calligrapher and these works means a lot to me

  3. nice work

  4. فن وابداع ما له حدود تسلم ايدك

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