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Interview with Jericho Benavente Digital Artist !!

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Jericho Benavente  from Filip he have  31 years old and he is  work  in a local gaming studio here as a Concept Artist and a freelance artist on his free time., his works is amazing and he have a unique ideas in Character Digital art.




Are you a self-taught designer or have you been to a design school?

When i was a kid i love to draw superheroes and cartoon characters on a bond paper. That’s where i started to learn drawing human anatomy, amd designing characters. On coloring side, I took Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Painting on my collage days in Philippines, but i think i improved a lot on my coloring skills when started working on animation studios as Background Artist.


how’s the way was in the beginning ? hard or easy ?

It was hard coz you have to give a lot of dedication and sacrifice a lot of time to become good and achieve your goals as an artist. but loving what you do will make you strive more to become better in this field.



what was first software you learn and used ?

Adobe Photoshop CS


To date what would you say is your favorite illustration that you have created, and why?

It’s hard to choose, i like them all but i think so far i give a slight edge on my entry on RIFT contest “Abyssmus” i put a lot of effort on that piece, and i like the short story i made that that illustration.



what system you prefer to use ?

I only use Windows ever since.


what next softwares you planing to learn about in future ?

I want to study more on 3D Max and Maya, if i get more free time i want to enroll on a 3D class one of this days. but i don’t want to shift my career, 2D illustrations is my 1st love. i just want to widen my knowladge on other programs to apply it on my digital paintings.


what kind of tablet you use ? and why ?

As of now i’m using a medium size Bamboo tablet. i’m using this tablet everyday for 3 years now. I don’t have plan changing anytime soon, i’m very comportable with this model as my partner.



what you think about artist who use more than 2 software for one image ? Is it kill his creative or help?

I think it helps a lot. there are some effects that’s very hard to achieve on a specific software, using other softwares help you do this things better. but i believe a true good artist can do a masterpiece using only a crayon or a pencil. softwares are just tools to help us make things faster and easier but creativity is inside the artist’s heart and soul.

kakashi_hatake_by_serathusCharles_The_Bold_by_serathusIt is Easy for any talented can be professional by learn graphics from sites only ? What’s your advice for beginners in digital art ?

Yes, watching a lot of tutorials and reading the proper methods will take you to the right path to be a good artist. but practicing everytime is the real way to become better. just draw and paint every free time you have and eventually you will see the progress of your quality.


Is your creative dependence on your mood? Which times are you prefer to work (day/night)?

yes, there are times that i am very productive and very focus, and i hate to say but there are also times i feel lazy and distracted. I preper to work on day time, but i can’t really work on hot climates. i live in tropical country so if i want a really quiet and cool place i go to library and spend my whole day there with my laptop and wacom.


What are your goals for the future? What do you hope to achieve design wise in the next 5 years?

I want to be a famous digital artist someday, where i can get a lot of big projects left and right. i also want to build my own studio in philippines, where i can work beside my family.


What things you do to turn off your mind away work? What are your hobbies?

I love playing video games, specially RPGs. my favorite titles are Final Fantasy and Castlevania series. I also love to watch movies and TV series. Im also a huge boxing fan.

orc_captain_by_serathusserathus_heavensword_by_serathus-What’s your personal Advice ?

My advice to aspiring artists is to keep practicing and do not stop. i believe even the greatest artists keep studiying and learning new stuffs to add on their skills. don’t be afraid to make mistakes, mistake is not a failure. if you get discouraged and stop pursuing your goals that’s failure.

Build your portfolio, and give everything you’ve got on every artwork you do. Follow successful artists and learn how they do things. Get inspirations and always use it to motivate yourself. Lastly, believe in yourself that you can be a good artist, no matter what other people tells you.

Finally we thank  Jericho Benavente  So much for his time with our interview !! to view his awesome profile go here serathus on deviantart


  1. thanks a lot for this interview. it’s my honor to share a page with other great artists here on =)

  2. awesome interview, and great artworks. keep up the good work, Jericho!

  3. Very nice! Keep up the good work 😉

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