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Interview with Peter Laskowski

peace upon to you

We honored very much to your agreement to make interview in Desigg.com
Peter  Laskowski is  a wear graphic designer from Poland,Deblin and he lives in Krakow .He knows polish,English and Arabic language. He have 23 years. Many of his works inspirated from middle east style and he interested in middle east issues.


from your site, I notice that many of your works characterized by the Middle East style. Why do you attracted to the Middle East style?
That’s right; a lot of my work is inspired by the Arabic calligraphy style. I think that the Middle East style is very unique. It gives a lot of freedom of creation, you can experiment with various styles and it has a rich history- which can provide a lot of inspiriting material. I try to combine the classic calligraphy styles with modern trends. But, I’m still working to develop my unique style.

what is the source of inspiration in your Middle East designs?
My Inspiration? I think that a lot of classic Arabic calligraphy work has inspired me, as well as few of the modern artists. I admire the calligraphy work of such artists as Khawar Bilal or Jordan Jelev. But the guy who inspired me to take on computer graphics was HYDRO74; the Middle East style came later on.But my main inspiration is music. Almost every single one of my works was inspired by a certain song-a hip hop one in general. I think that music is a very powerful media, which can inspire you to make incredible stuff… So listen to good music guys!

would you describe how you creating your work from A to What are programs and tools that you use in your works?
My work from A to Z…First there’s a song, or a certain situation that makes a idea appear in my head…then I take a piece of paper, a pencil or my calligraphy markers and start drawing. The next step is transferring the concept to the computer. 70% of the time I use Adobe Photoshop CS2 (yeah, I know It’s old 😉 ) and Illustrator for vector stuff

how you can write Arabic ” calligraphy ”? What is the program that you use in creating it?
That’s the same case as in the part above… First there’s a sheet of paper and my calligraphy markers (I tried to buy special Arabic calligraphy set, but in Poland, that’s almost impossible…), then I make the base in vectors using Illustrator, then I finish it in Photoshop.

Through your blog. I saw that you interested in Arab’s issues ” middle east issues ” like Palestinian issue, Iraq issue and Egyptian revolution. Why do you interest in these issues?
The issues of the Arabic world are something that I have to deal on a daily basis. I study Middle East Culture and Politics on the Jagiellonian University in Cracov.  That’s why you can find a lot of references to the situation in the Middle East in my work. I think that some of the issues are very important, and I try to do my best to take a part in them…I’m happy If I can interest even one of my viewers in such aspects as the revolutions in the middle east or the unjustified conflicts in some countries… I do my part.

what are the client’s opinions in the middle typographer? What is the thing that attracted them? Do you have Arab clients?
In Poland, I hear a lot of people telling me that I have a unique style, and that they have never seen anything like this. I don’t know a second designer in my country interested in the Arabic tradition. What do the customers think about that? You would have to ask them, hahaha. But seriously- I think that my individual style is something that attracts my customers. And do I have Arabic customers- not many. But I hope that after this article someone in the Middle East will notice me. If so I’ll be more than  happy to work J You can contact me at [email protected]

what is your outlook for the graphics world and what’s your purpose from your works?
My purpose is to express myself by my work. I always wanted people to see my work as a part of me. That’s something I want to accomplish the most. Besides that, like I’ve said before- I want to-inshalla- develops my own, unique style for the modern Middle East, something that can be used to work with Arabic Hip-Hop artists, or lifestyle brands.

Do you work a freelancer, with company or both?
I’m a Freelancer. All of my work is done in my room J I ‘like working like that, it gives me more flexibility and freedom in the creative process. But I’m thinking about working in the Middle East –maybe one of the gulf countries… (but I’m opened for propositions) I hope that one day that will be possible. The Middle East countries have a great potential in them, that I think-could help me. Some cultural aspects like for example the hip-hop culture is starting to get really big there- I would like to be a part of that!

why you choose to be a wear designer?
Why a wear designer…? That’s a funny story. About 6 years ago I wanted to have my own-one in a kind- T-shirt. So I started to learn about graphics, and made my own design. Then I started looking for a company that could print my design on a shirt. One of such companies said, that they can’t make me ONE shirt, but they be glad to buy the design from me, and give me one for free…And that’s how It all started. From that time I was working for various clothing companies. I like that, but I don’t want to be recognized only as a wear designer.

What can we know about Peter Laskowski away of art and if he has other hobbies?
About me, away from art? Let’s see… I think I’m a nice guy..hahaha.
As one of my favorite MC’s- Narcy- once said- “I’m an all-around hiphoptitian. I believe in the theory of hip-hop, the social existence of hip-hop, and the importance of the movement for our generation. But I’m also a pop-culture enthusiast and a Arab culture enthusiast”.
I’m doing my Masters in Arabic Culture and Politics and a second one in Modern Culture and Art, so my range of interests is quite wide…

Thank you for having me here!  Shout out to all my people around the world! Thanks for your support- if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here today! You know I’m talking about You!
Peter “LASEK” Laskowski

Finally, we thank you again Mr.Peter Laskowski and we hope all success in your work and life.
Best regards for you from desigg teamwork.

to follow Peter Laskowski visit his site and his gallery

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