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Interview with Kratos Saif

Peace be upon you.
We honored very much Kratos Saifto your agreement to make interview in
Kratos Saif is born in Baghdad ( Iraq ) but he live and working in Syria now in a company of video games. he has 20  years.he is a Photo Manipulator . his works characteristics by imagination , clean and creative.
we hope that the interview be useful to you.

How do you get into the design world? What’s first program you learned?
it’s was great thing to enter this awesome world , my dad helped me when i was 11 years old . i learned photoshop and i still use it till now.

Which systems do you use /mac/windows/Linux?
i using windows 7 till now i won’t try other systems i guess lol .

What skills and technologies are you interested in learning?
i learned and keep learning in 3D software like z brush and Maya …. but my PC can’t work well on those programs when i build great project so i stop that !! i will back to use and learn more about them when i get new powerful PC .

Illustration that was your study field or taught it out of your study?
it’s just hobby . great thing to challenge other artists in the world so it’s not from study or anything like that.

What are programs and tools you use? What’s tablet you use in painting? Why? Where you come from your stocks?
i using Photoshop , corel , aftereffect , illustrator .. i use wacom , it’s awesome tablet for more details !! lately i using deviant lot for stocks . but most times i use from or shatter

From your art works, you use a fame characters from movies such as Jerry, Garfield, iron man and hulk. Are movies affect on your inspiration? Are there things else that you inspired from it? What are the sites you follow it daily?
yeah i get inspired from movies lot lately , also those famous characters i used for contests , in freaking were they asked us to Photoshop them in there ways . i fallow DD on deviant art everyday and some top monthly works in deviant too , from them i get inspired too .

“Hunting Time” from the best your artworks. How you inspired this idea? Shortly explain the steps of this design?
well there was a contest about making wings for fishes !!! so i just thought shortly about making new and crazy idea for that contest , normally the cats like fish so they like to catch them , when fishes have wings then cat should use shotgun to catch them was funny idea i guess , i started looking around for cat stock but i couldn’t find the good one same in my imaging so i start to looking for famous characters to paint them from sketch !! and that’s how it’s comes and i won the gold prize too.

What’s your opinion who use a lot of applications resources? Is it kill his creative or help?
it’s based on what design need , but it’s not helping him alot . i find everything in Photoshop so it’s great to use it alone but still 3D objects would help too in Photoshop
10- Anyone have a talent can be professional by learn graphics from tutorials sites only? What’s your advice for beginners in photo manipulation art?
yeah , i try to create my own ways on building hard things ( like smoke , fire , water , dirt , clouds ) normally it’s hard to find the tutorials about them so i like to create my own. my advice to beginners in photo manipulation it’s to never stop from your work , just do your best on it let’s it take more than 5 hours but try to do all what you can in your work to be proud about it !! using tutorials is great thing to know most important steps in blending and shading …etc.

We notice that you are using your personal photo in many of your designs. Why? What your favorite photo manipulation from your works?
yeah i just like to refresh my front page on my deviantart , so i create new ID photo time to time , my best design it’s ( I Hate School )
coz it’s remind me how i was in my school lol and flying fox work it’s based on real story but without wings.

Why do you decide that you become a photo manipulator and painter? What your plans in the future?
i have alot off plans in future , but photo manipulator and painter it’s always faster to see your idea became showed to everyone !! 3d and movie works need weeks maybe to finish one work so it’s hard and need alot off effort which normally no PC and no free time will help me about that !! so i just used photomanip in first coz it’s fastest way !!

Is your creative dependence on your mood? Which times are you prefer to work (day/night)?
yeah most of my ideas comes when i am in mood of challenging !! i prefer to work in night most times.

Everyone have a purpose to achieve it by his work. What the purpose from your work?
my purpose was to beat the greatest artists in FN site for contests and get most gold trophies !! i got them both , also to create new and funny ideas in pics.

What things you do to turn off your mind away work? What are your hobbies?
i watching movies or playing games when i don’t have good time to create artwork.

Fly with me
Imagine that the world became one union country and offer to you to create a logo for country’s flag. What’s to be your idea?
wow that’s would be cool , but i am not interest in logos alot . so maybe would be earth and pen with some abstract lines .

What’s your personal quote?
( Give it a Try and Never Cry ).

Finally, we thank you  Kratos Saifto for giving a part of your time , we hope all success in your work and life.
Best regards for you from Desigg teamwork

To follow Kratos Saifto visit his site and his gallery Deviantart

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  1. I love this guy..Kratos..He is such a creative and dynamic artist. I hope he will create more waves in the e-arts and surreal world of videography.

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