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Interview with illustration artist Elvis Benicio

peace upon to you
We honored very much to your agreement to make interview in

Elvis Benicio from Juiz de Fora/ MG. BRAZIL, he have 26 years .When we describe his work we should say that he is a creator,he has a real talent and no words can describe him, also he design on mugs and drawing creatively on cars,we will see that in his amazing art works.I will leave you with this a creator and amazing designer.

 How do you get into the design world? What’s first program you learned?
I started as a child scribbling in notebooks and chair of the college. This eventually being part of my learning with drawings. Paintbrush was the my first program what I learned (hehehe).



Which systems do you use /mac/windows/Linux?



What skills and technologies are you interested in learning?



What are apps you use?
for Iphone I like to use Sketchbook (autodesk), Instagram, FFFFOUND, FUBIZ, MoneyBook, Pinterest, SoundCloud.

What’s favorite web browser do you use and why?
Chrome. because it’s fast and clean.





 From your work we notice that your work is expressive, unusual, and creativity why? Where from you inspired your ideas? What are the sites you follow it daily?
I usually experiment without blocking. The starting point usually happens in the sketchbook. I create color palettes and choose what I like. Along all this at the end and use common sense.






What do you decide that you become a graphic designer? Is it your study field? What’s your advice for beginners?
The area of visual communication allows you to explore everything you can imagine. This is fascinating. I don’t like to logical subjects (like mathematics and physics). If you’re starting out in graphic design, think about doing with a heart. Money comes later.

Is your creative dependence on your mood? Which times are you prefer to work (day/night)?
my mood to become a positive thing or negative depending on the day. If I’m sad, the work is not good. It happens to everyone. I like to work in the morning.

Everyone have a purpose to achieve it by his work. What the purpose from your work?
My purpose is always to try to surprise me in both easy and difficult jobs.

 What things you do to turn off your mind away work? What are your hobbies?
playing guitar, going to movies, read books.

Fly with me
Imagine that the world became one union country and offer to you to create a logo for country’s flag. What’s to be your idea?
wow, great challenge. I liked the idea. I imagine an icon of a human being, with only one color.Symbolizing that regardless of color or race, are all equal, but different inside.

 What’s your personal quote?
the Way of success starts only when you take the first step with your heart.










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