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Interview with creative photographer Behrouz Riahi

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We honored very much to your agreement to make this interview in Desigg.com

Behind Zardo, his real name is Behrouz Riahi. He has 26 years old. He is Belgian and he live in Brussels.He is a Psychologist in Oncology.His shots are very clean and creative,and he is masterful  and creator in using ”HDR”. A collection of his  architectural shots, the majority of them is taken in Belgium / France / Italy / England.
We hope that the interview will be useful and creative for you.

 Firstly, tell us when and where the first time you take a shoot?

Well, I have taken my first shot when I was 5 year old. I have to admit that the photo was totally missed. More seriously, I have begun my real interest for photography when I was 18-19 years old. Photography is a kind of family tradition for me. Every members of mine use to make some photo. For me, photography has been a method to exprim myself, to show the world as I saw it and the way to explore some new worlds.

 Did you go to a school to study photography or taught yourself? Why you choose this field?

I am a self-taught person as far as photography is concerned. When I see a really good photo I wonder how it was made and how I could make it myself. Then I search and learn. I didn’t really make a choice. I wanted to make the psychology at the university. But as I said, I always had an attraction for photography, so I learned by myself when I had some times in my study. I think it’s a nice way because you don’t have the “rules” to shoot and you keep your mind free to explore and experiment new ways to shoot.

What are a websites or blogs you visit often?

The most part of the time the websites I visit are on DeviantArt. It gives you some links to the personnal artists one and it’s a pleasure to discover new or old talented artists.

 What type of cameras do you use? What’s your favorite lens?

In the past, I used a Canon EOS 30D and some lenses : a wide angle, canon 10-22/f3.5 – two basic lenses Canon 18-55/f3.5 and 28-70/f3.5 – two zoom lenses, 70-300/f4.5 and the 70-200/f2.8. I always use a tripod Manfrotto 190XPROB. Now, I’ve upgrade to a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with always a wide angle canon 16-35 L Mark II. I have a lot of filters and a remote control. I have always liked to work with Canon. As I use a method called “HDRi” (High Dynamic Range image), I have to use a post-processing software. I use the Photomatix pro.

 Can you describe how and when you use flash, reflectors and natural light?

I never used a flash nor reflectos. I always play with the natural light because the most of my shoot are landscapes and I prefer to play with the natural elements. But who knows, maybe one day I’ll try some technics with the flash. I like the effects you can have with it sometimes.

 We notice that you clever in use “HDR ” ,what’s program do you use to do HDR? what are
programs you use to processing images?

As I use a method called “HDRi” (High Dynamic Range image), I have to use a post-processing software. I use the Photomatix pro.

 What are things you do to turn off your mind away from work? What are your hobbies?

You already know the answer to this question  My passion to turn off the light of my dark life is to take some photography. When I shoot, time stop, my anxiety is canalysed and I’m in my own world.

 What special skills and equipment do you learnt?

Nothing special, I think…

 Let us know that how do you choose the photography location? Did you take a camera with you to any place?

To take my photos, I like going to the old part of cities and to places with stunning landscapes where there is nobody. Everywhere I go, I take my camera with me. Firstly, for me, the ideal place is deserted. I hate having people on my photos. It’s one of the most difficult parts of the job. Secondly, it has to contain some old buildings with a Gothic architectural style. And finally, there should be a tormented sky where clouds are tempestuous.

 From all of your a wonderful images, which one you prefer? Can you give us some background to this image?

It’s very difficult to just pick one. There’s a lot which are my favorites. But if I wanted to show only one photo of mine, it would be : “Bruxelles by night” Because, there’s a lot of symbolism in it about the way I shoot it, the fact it was my first try with HDR, the anxiety about it, and the story around it.

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