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Interview with a painter Toni Justamante

Peace be upon you.
We are honored very much Toni Justamante Jacobs to your agreement to make interview in
Toni Justamante Jacobs is from Spain. he has 32 years. His works characteristics by imagination, clean and shining. He is a freelance artist for editorials and game studios.
We hope that the interview be useful to you.
  • How do you get into the design world? What’s first program you learned?
  • Since I was a child I always loved to draw the cartoon characters of the TV and the comics, trying to imitate the style and the look. It was only just a hobby for me , but 5 years ago I started to take it seriously. Photoshop was the tool that allowed me to colorize my creations.
  • Which systems do you use /mac/windows/Linux?
  • I use a Macbook pro with a Dell monitor connected.
  • What skills and technologies are you interested in learning?
  • I´m learning now how to model, texture and render with Maya.
  • Illustration that was your study field or taught it out of your study?
  • I´m studying the History of Art career at the university. I studied also a Master in Graphic design and Illustration.
  • What are programs and tools you use? What’s tablet you use in painting? Why?
  • I use Photoshop CS5 and my tablet is a Wacom Intuos 3.
  • i have noted you create some artworks for game companies !! what company you worked with before ? and what games you joined into them ?
  • For RPG games I created art for Warhammer´s  40k “Dark Heresy” and “Deathwatch” books. I also create art for the new “Lord of the Rings” trade card game. For video game companies I created art for “Haven” the online RPG developed by “Clipwire games studios” and for “Specialbit studios”.
  • “Show me what you got” from the best your artworks. How you inspired this idea? and how long normally take you to finish awesome draw like that one ?
  • The image was done for a contest. It use to take me 3 days depending how busy I am.
  • What’s your opinion who use more than 2 software for one image ? Is it kill his creative or help?
  • For some kind of works combine a 3d and a 2d software is very helpful and the results are quite good.
  • Anyone have a talent can be professional by learn graphics from tutorials sites only? What’s your advice for beginners in digital art?
  • Patience and constant work, this is the secret.
  • We have noted most of your works are Characters !! is that’s your hobby or game companies commissions ?
  • Well I´m good with the characters and my clients use to ask me for that, but if you watch my portfolio you could find environments and machinery too.
  • Is your creative dependence on your mood? Which times are you prefer to work (day/night)?
  • I prefer to work during the day.
water Monster
alien leader concept
  • Everyone have a purpose to achieve it by his work. What the purpose from your work?
  • My purpose is to get better and better and create good Sci-fi and Fantasy art that helps people to dream with other worlds and realities.
Watch your back
the fall of deimos v
  • What things you do to turn off your mind away work? What are your hobbies?
  • Well my hobby is my work, and this is great!, but I use to take a couple of hours every day to go to the gym. This helps me to disconnect from everything.
  • Fly with me  – Imagine that the world became one union country and offer to you to create a logo for country’s flag. What’s to be your idea?
  • The infinite symbol, because united why can reach it.
bank in home
  • What’s your personal quote?
  • Maybe work for some time in a video game studio and learn other techniques and softwares.
in the jungle the mighty
Finally, we thank you Mr.Toni Justamante for giving a part of your time ,we hope all success in your work and life.
Best regards for you from Desigg teamwork
To follow Toni Justamante visit his site and his gallery

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