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Inspirational Typography By Berk Kizilay

Typography Art from modern arts and all people love this kind of art because the typographers used a unique ideas to attract attention, they rely on mind sense the viewer not the eye that sees only and feel by thoughts, for more useful we are doing interview with most creative in Typography Art BERK KIZILAY, He is a creative artist and have a unique style in text art, I hope you are find a lot of inspirations in this post.

– Your full name?

– Country?

– Age?

– How many years in graphics work?
19 Years

– What is your outlook for the graphics specially your art work?
I don’t have any outlook in my works. My focus is on typography only.

– Why did you choose the graphics world to be your way in the future?
It’s hard to answer. Mine is very long story. But i love to play with
colours, graphics and fonts.

Inspirational Typography By Berk Kizilay

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