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How to Use Social Media to Effectively Market Your Business


It is becoming harder each day to remember that there once was a time when computers were not used at all within businesses, especially since it has become such a required necessity for maximum exposure and growth in the world today. Even though traditional advertising methods are still being used and are still effective, it is no longer the most effective way to reach a maximum number of customers on a global scale.

The popularity of social media and social networking websites over the past decade has turned them into effective marketing tools that can be used to take your business to the next level sooner than you think.

Promote Recommendations and Referrals

In order to truly use your social media as an eCommerce marketing tool, your goal should to be appeal to as many people as possible. Maximum exposure can easily be generated within a social networking environment simply by finding an effective way to promote recommendations and referrals.

Over 80 percent of people who choose to “like” and “follow” their favorite companies on Facebook will likely refer these companies to their online friends, according to a study conducted by Syncapse. Offering such incentives as online discounts, giveaways and even cash prizes will get your customers excited and fully interested in getting as many people as possible exposed to your company’s online presence within a short period of time.

Allow Social Media to Keep Customers Connected

Social networking websites provide you with a direct connection to your customers and clientele. Studies have proven that 46 percent of online shoppers depend on social networking websites to provide them with the information that they need to make a wise purchasing decision, according to Nielsen. Since these online marketing tools are effective at allowing companies to reach out to customers, the average consumer expects them to be just as efficient when they try to reach out to these companies. Over 20 percent of consumers that complain about products and services through social media, for example, expect to receive a response, comment or private message from these companies the very same day, according to a study conducted by American Express.

Use it as a Supplement, Not a Replacement

Quite a few companies have made the fatal error of using their social media profiles and accounts to replace their company’s online website. Even though this may seem like the most cost-effective approach, especially since you currently do not have to pay monthly and annual charges to access Facebook and Twitter, doing so can actually cause your business to lose potential sales in the long run.

Studies have proven that over 1,000 companies that have an active Twitter account are able to generate an additional 800 new visitors to their website each month and over 1,000 likes on a Facebook business page can generate an average of over 1,400 daily visits to your website as well, according to HubSpot. Therefore, using your social media profiles as a way to drive traffic towards your website instead of a replacement is the best approach which will position your company for long-term growth and success.

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