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The Intricate Hands of Barbados

The colorful scene of sunset that drapes the seas of the Caribbean is particularly a glimpse of the natural beauty that God has bestowed in the hands of Faheema Patel.

When she collaborates the intricate patterns of India and the sea breeze of Barbados- she captures the world with her art, but when she combines it with her evocable spirit of faith, Islam, she becomes an empire of artistic value and comprehension.

After graduating with Honors on BFA, Graphic Design, she started to establish Junoon designs, an Indo-Western design brand which focuses on customised designs, invitations and conceptual ideas and later on executed the fragrance of conceptual photography and typography.

“Art empowers me, keeps me alive, and serves as a reminder for the glorious opportunities life has to offer if I dream, and if I express myself and God is my inspiration. For me, when I’m doing artwork I get to run away into my own little world of thoughts and day dreams and just be myself, vent, express myself or capture someone’s attention. Art is beauty, art is emotion, it is creativity and letting go of oneself. A viewer can come up with so many questions or conclusions and so many words to explain an art piece and that is art, being able to say something, share your story or your moment to someone else.”

To entertain you with her beautiful works, i’ve collected some of the best works that she had shown to the world:

What basically pushes or inspires you to do art?

At the moment, I was lacking so much inspiration and have been on hiatus for quite some time and I’ve got to say, immersing myself in artwork (looking at other artwork), being around artist, and nature or beautiful places motivates me in my own artwork. I think also, if you constantly do artwork so much like I felt I was doing, it suddenly becomes boring and when I did try to create pieces I felt like I was forcing it. I felt really uninspired. It is best to take a break sometimes and focus on other aspects of life or just different genres of art to keep your mind alive and fresh. I am feeling inspired again, I have ideas and concepts for new pieces in both photography and design which I’m so eager to get started.

Why do you and on what purpose do you create and make art?

A lot of the artwork I have created are my own personal pieces. In photography, I am amazed by nature and how beautiful Allah Subnahu Wata’ala has created this world for us so for me I feel like it’s an amazing gift to capture a moment of the beauty he made for us. In conceptual photography, I am so fascinated with concepts and coming up with ideas, I like being creative and trying things which people don’t usually think of. Sometimes I just get ideas from nowhere, it can be a bit crazy but that drives me because I need to get my thoughts out. I like to be different, put a twist on things and raise awareness also on social or everyday happenings and issues. In design, I love to draw, drawing helps me relieve stress and it helps me vent when I’m feeling down or just need time out alone. When it is tangible where I create the design by hand, I feel like I have full control. I make art because it’s a passion of mine, I get to express myself, vent and create my own stories and imagery. I have been gifted by Allah Subnahu Wata’ala with creativity to help inspire others and to pursue art as a hobby and profession.

How do you want your art to affect and influence your audience?

My personal artworks, the ones I do for fun, I don’t really expect people to be affected or be influenced by it as I do it for me. I am happier when I know they do appreciate or see the beauty in it. In my conceptual pieces I do aim to evoke emotions in my viewers be it sadness, joy, laughter, to act and to connect with the message and story I’m trying to convey. In my graphic artwork my aim is to design to show beauty, to communicate (on behalf of clients). For my Junoon Designs company, the graphic artwork I create for my greeting  card line are commercial, so I do hope that my designs can be bought by consumers. I design with my own unique style but based on what I think my target market would be interested in. I keep my designs original fun and different to peek people’s interest.

As an artist, on what level can you categorize yourself?

I don’t really classify myself as being on a specific level but I am a qualified professional Graphic Designer and I do Photography for fun. I don’t categorise myself as a professional photographer or amateur, I guess I’m midway, I do feel like I have so much yet to learn in photography but I work professionally.

What’s the thing that people will always notice on your art?

When I create a piece, I’d like to think that my work would reflect me, from the colours that I use which are mostly bright and colourful to the objects or concepts I portray. Most people do say when they look at my artwork they can see my personality.

Do you think your art can be a tool for the betterment of this world?

I do! I always wanted to help out. When I first started my degree in Graphic Arts, I asked myself, how is Graphic Art going to help people? I was thinking of doctors or fire-fighters and saying they help people, and I thought how exactly would I be helping people since I would love to contribute some way in the growth of the economy and to just help someone. Then I thought, yes I can help! Since art is a means of communication, art is power, image is power, then why can’t I use art as a communication tool to spread a message and to influence people to think positively, change for the better or empower people and also spread my religion, Islam. I started with a few advertisements; I re-designed an ad for the Dyslexic Center in Barbados, and created an ad for UNICEF during my course. But my ‘human Inside’ photography project was something I did entirely on my own in my final year. I really wanted to raise awareness on the negative effects of discrimination and got the chance to accomplish it. I have also started creating Islamic artwork to raise awareness.


Truly, Faheema didn’t just capture the light of imaan(faith) but also the light that shines through the faces of people, whenever you see her works, the beautiful colors that intertwines with your eyes visually makes you do a twinkle of smile. A pure smile that just brings you a feeling of joy and as an artist this sole feeling that you are able to give to your viewers, is a trophy of achievement that lasts forever.

At the end, Faheema shares an inspirational message that she believes can make the youth see the world a wonderful and beautiful place to share their knowledge and experiences.

Don’t let anyone hold you back from pursuing your dreams. If you want to be an artist, you have got to think big, you may not have the skills to accomplish something at the time but you can always acquire it. Look at art, lots of art! All types of art. The internet is full of resources, utilise it! And practice, practice, practice whenever you get the chance, that is the key to being successful, and if you fail, try again! If you want to be a photographer but cannot afford a Dslr camera, point and shoot cameras work pretty awesome (I used them when I started), or borrow a camera form a friend or your college (most of my photos within my galleries were taken when I borrowed my college’s cameras).  Remember to be true to yourself, be original and think big! For the Art enthusiasts, thank you, the viewers for the support and encouragement, you help make us better.

She is a beautiful woman. Her beauty speaks a thousand words and attributes, The way she values her deen, Islam, and the way she conceptualizes her art is a spectacle that any artist or mere viewer would always look up to. Her mind illustrates a wonderful view of life, the colors of her works are the symphonies that gradually brings beautiful rhythm of life that sings the words of Allah(subhanahu wa’a Tala).

…and the greatest thing about her is that, she is a Muslim and a very proud one.

To see more of her works, please visit:



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