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From soul of heritage and authenticity with a creative Hassan Almodallala

From inspiration of heritage and authenticity a creative designer
Hassan Abdulkareem Almodallala, he was  born in Hama, Syria, in 1980 and  now living and working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
He works an Art Director in a company called “International Nomads” in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  It is a digital advertising and marketing agency.
when you see his works you feel that you back in time to the authentic past and ancient Islamic history,  his works combines heritage and modern art.

– How did you get into the design world? What’s the first program you learned?

The first artistic seed was planted in me through my father.
He is a civil engineer with a unique artistic sense and he has done an amazing series of abstract Islamic art on mirrors, glass, paper and other material.   I absorbed his artwork at home every day, hoping I might become as good as he is. With his influence and support I managed to complete a Masters Degree in Digital Arts from London Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom.
This academic experience exposed me to a wide range of tools which helped me complete my study and through it I found my way into the professional design world.  The program “Photoshop” was my first step into graphic design.  As of now, there is almost no project that I work on that does not go through this application.

– Which systems do you use /mac/windows/Linux?

I shift between mac and windows from time to time according to what I need to deliver and the tools and applications which are both efficient and available. However, I find Mac is my favored system in producing my work.

– What apps do you use in calligraphy?

Mainly I use Illustrator and CorelDraw but I have used other calligraphy apps such as Celck which is also a fantastic app for creating Arabic calligraphy with a wide range of unique fonts.

– From your work we notice that your work combines heritage and modern art.  What inspired your ideas? What are the sites which you follow on a daily basis?

I try to keep my eyes open to everything I see around me: in the street, at home, on TV, in art galleries and in magazines and newspapers. Words are also a mysterious inspirer because they get translated into every artist’s brain with a different vision. Therefore I find conversations with like-minded people sometimes actually kick start an idea.

I love heritage. It is the basis of all our achievements.

Much extraordinary work has been done on heritage and even more on modern art. Combining both styles have created an irresistible challenge for exploration in my attempts to raise my work to a higher level.

While combining the two styles I usually start with online research looking for ideas that have been done before by other artists on the same subject.  In this way, I try to find my way to the desired goal without falling into a repetition of ideas.
There are many sites that promote artists from all over the world.
Mostly, I personally view the following sites when I need inspiration:  (recently)

Sometimes I refer to “YouTube” and “vimeo” if I am working on an animation or video production project.

– What made you decide to become a designer? What’s your advice for beginners?

My advice to beginners is to think of each project you have in  hand as a golden opportunity which, if you do it correctly, will advance you to a higher level. Successful artwork is one with a unique DNA and the more effort you put into creating that DNA the harder you make it for that DNA to be decoded and the stronger your presence becomes in the design world.

– Is your creative impulse dependent on your mood? At which times do you prefer to work (day/night)?

Mood significantly affects my creative inspiration, especially when I am having to deliver a project with a tight deadline. I try to keep my mood balanced by thinking of the bigger picture (Reward) and by working at the right time of the day. This is why I find that daytime is excellent for research and getting technical things done. However, late at night is a perfect time for thinking with a clear head away from external distractions.

– Everyone have a purpose to achieve with his work. What is the purpose of your work?

I am fortunate because my work is also my hobby. I do it to live and also to express myself. I would love to leave my stamp in the design world by creating artwork that gives pleasure to the viewer and helps create positive messages through art for society at large.

– How do you turn off your creative mind when you are away from work? What are your hobbies?

I struggle sometimes to turn my mind off my work but if I really must,  I start cooking food and the more complicated my situation at work becomes  the more I seek to create delicious dishes.

I also enjoy swimming, traveling, research and painting in my spare time.

– Imagine that the world became one unified country and you were offered the job of creating a logo for your country’s flag. What would your idea be?

Ideally if the world became a single unified country there would be no need to create a unified logo unless this world is part of a group of other living worlds that are in communication and have the need for separate recognition.

Practically, I would suggest the use of a white background with an abstract colorful “number one” graphic on it. Or perhaps just use the words “ONE UNION” written with attractive calligraphy and

including different colors in the same phrase.

Another idea might include an inspiration drawn from all current geographic borders and the shapes of countries and continents, all overlapped and blended with a colorful abstraction covering the entire flag.

– What’s your personal quote?

The more you give of yourself in anything the greater will be your reward.

Good luck everyone.

Finally, we thank you again Mr.Hassan Almodallala and we hope all success in your work and life.
Best regards for you from desigg teamwork.

to follow Hassan Almodallala visit his site and his portfolio

portfolio         behance


  1. Simply his work speaks to the mind and take your mind places, modern yet old ! great combination

  2. wow! mashalla …this is really cool. i am impressed with the Idea of utilizing Arabic letters in english context.
    good job 🙂

  3. nice interview .. wish u the best..

  4. masha’a Allah Hussien, Very inspiring work .. one of the most creative designers I saw:)

  5. Great vision and remarkable talent. Certainly someone to watch.

  6. Maasha’a allah, Hassoon. You have variety in your creativity. and I like all of it and specially those that are blended with islamic art.

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