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From nature life,amazing web designer SASCHA RUDOLPH

peace upon to you
We honored very much to your agreement to make interview in Desigg.com
Sascha Rudolph is  a Web designer and Graphic Designer from Berlin,Germany. He have 21 years.He is practice webdesign since September 2004 (6 years).we notice that his designs inspired from nature and its beauty.

– How do you get into the design world? What’s first program you learned?
My first Program was “Photo Filter”. I’ve tried some effects, there is so many stuff there,but one day, i reached the maximum of this program and changed to Photoshop 7, I started my design-passion in a design community of a good friend of mine. I have free graphic services for users (Avatars, Signatures,Banner etc.)

– Which systems do you use /mac/windows/Linux?
I use Windows. But i change to Mac in some weeks. I bought last week an i Mac; hopefully
it will work longer.

– What skills and technologies are you interested in learning?
My really passion is the GUI (Graphic User Interface Design)…i like to produce players
and user interfaces, login areas etc.
I also like realistic design, and want to be better in that. More Realistic is my target. Composing is my keyword for my success.

– What’s your favorite development language and why? What other features do you want to add to this language?
Really I hate development; I’m a born designer…But for my work i need to use CSS / XHTML of course, and I’m good in it. It’s a lie if i say I’m able to do PHP etc…That’s wrong, i can simple includes, and understand some functions, but nothing more. I want to learn it, but for me it’s not so cool like designing.

– What are apps you use in your programming and design? What are a few of your favorite development tools and why?
Firebug…a must have for Firefox Developers…without that app, I’m lost…it’s so easy to use, a REALY must have. The other one i use is HTML Tidy, it check whatever your code is valid to the W3C Organization. Of course i use IE Tap, for  Internet Explorer Check…Internet Explorer…my enemy, sometimes.

– What’s favorite web browser do you use and why?
Firefox. I don’t know why, i like the interface, it’s easy, fast (not faster than Chrome, but i don’t trust google ) and of course, it’s easier to develop in it.

– From your work we notice that your work is beauty and inspired from nature, why? Where from you inspired your ideas? What are the sites you follow it daily?
I like nature…I’m born and raised in the Harz Mountains (Center of Germany) and there are a lot of beautiful landscapes, woods etc. And Nature is that, what i see every day. Don’t understand me wrong, I’m not a fan of Flowers or Insects, but, in nature you can find so many things…so many nice things, you can’t find anywhere else.
I follow no special sites…i surf through the web, take a look here and there…i don’t copy. I’m inspired by some parts and build it together with my own ideas and my own creativity.

– What do you decide that you become a web designer? Is it your study field? What’s your advice for beginners?

At the beginning, it was just a hobby, and it developed to a passion. You got some many options, so many things to do… i don’t know, i love it to be creative, and create cool web designs. And it’s definitely not my study field. I decided to learn this job really quick, (after my first practical course in a company) but i don’t like school for that. School is just theories, its good, and important, of course. But I’m a practical person; i need to do something, to learn it.
My advice for beginners. Watch Tutorial Videos. Videos are much better than text (for me) i hate reading; i need to see it live or in a video. But Watch or read (maybe) Tutorials, surf troughs web design gallery, let you mind explode, be free. There are so many talents out there. Take a look at their work and get inspired. Learning by doing is my keyword. Try your best, upload it, and send it to friends of professionals, who can rate you design. Feedback is the key for your access.

– Is your creative dependence on your mood? Which times are you prefer to work (day/night)?
Yes it is. If I’m feeling bad or i got no idea, i chill, surf and do stuff i like to do in this moment. Of course, this works not always. Then i try to relax, music is a really good friend to get some ideas. It helps to blow your bad minds out of your brain, and make space for creativity.
If i could choose which time i prefer to work, i would choose the night. Silence, no people who can disturb my creativity. I’m full with power and ideas at night. I don’t know why.

– Everyone have a purpose to achieve it by his work. What the purpose from your work?
My dream is it, to be so successful, to work in the states,drive a good car, live in a cool house with a beautiful wife. That’s what I’m working for. That sounds like, my life is bad, but it isn’t! It’s just my passion to this web design and stuff. I don’t need awards of something. It’s fun for me and it makes me always happy, for over 7 years.

– What things you do to turn off your mind away work? What are your hobbies?
When i need a break, or getting to frustrate i need to do what i like. Watching TV, chill out with friend, driving with cars or playing on a consol. My hobby beside web design is photography and photo manipulation. You can check my account carl06photo.deviantart.com

Fly with me
12- Imagine that the world became one union country and offer to you to create a logo for country’s flag. What’s to be your idea?
That’s hard. So many countries and people, everyone is different, you cannot put all feelings, interest or something like that on a flag. It should be easy to remember, and should be easy to understand what this flag said. Hopefully, peace, without violent, weapons etc.

– What’s your personal quote?
Live your dream, before it’s too late. Be yourself.

Finally, we thank you again Mr. Sascha Rudolph and we hope all success in your work and life.
Best regards for you from desigg teamwork.

to follow Sascha Rudolph visit his site and his gallery

carls-website.de Deviantart

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