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50+ Forced Perspective: Just Incredible Photography

Forced perspective is an optical illusion that makes things look bigger or smaller than they actually are. It makes objects of vastly different sizes, that are at significantly different distances, appear to be of proportionate sizes and at the same focal length. Forced perspective uses visual tricks to give a warped perception of reality. It is commonly used in photographs, television, movies and architecture.

Here are 50+ examples of Forced Perspective images from talented Photographers.

If you want to share your own work or that of other designers you come across with Desigg readers, just drop us an Email with the URL of the Forced Perspective and we will be sure to add it to our lists.

by giulipi

by Christopher Holder Photography

by josedelgadodelgado

by childplay

by I s a .

by eLeO’

by neroeroe

by Yuna

by Luciano M da Cunha

by creativoantonio

by Caio Oliveira

by syamastro

by twiga269

by Planet Adventure

by jasoneppink

by Nino.Modugno

by mansszat

by introspectrum : carlo dj

by polywogy69

by nick4900

by iguerra

by Ken & Beth

by Jolly_Jarvis

by J/G

by vinniesmarkerino

by polywogy69

by DavinG.

by amford61

by Dan LXIX

by martin king2009

by Rhomedal

by YAKO vs. YAKO

by lyndsklep

by Flower.B

by KayVee.INC

by Two Doited Photogs

by toastforbrekkie

by Alexandre Duarte

by ~Thanh

by lifecreations

by Lorenia

by toastforbrekkie

by stuant63

by abmiller99

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Share them with your friends because they an excellent source of inspiration, Enjoy!


  1. That is a great collection of interesting images, thanks.

  2. Really cool pics! Tku!!

  3. Hello
    Wow those are truly incredible and wonderful photographs.I have never seen such excellent photographs before.Thank you very much for showing these amazing photography..

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