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75+ Creative Advertising #1

We launch the blog with something creative and likeable for designers. This is the first post in the creative advertising collection. The designers have used some great techniques and ideas in all of these brilliant ads! People usually don’t like ads and don’t like taking the time to look at or  read advertisements, so creative advertising is important to attract attention and benefit the advertiser.  If you are a designer, creative designs will  refresh your mind to give you more inspirational  ideas…

We will start with Food & Drink, if you feel hungry turn away!

Creative Ad_07_peter_lippmann copy

Creative Ad_070_peter_lippmann copy

Heinz Ketchup!

Creative Ad_Heinz_BOTTLE_BOTTOM_PRESS copy

Creative Ad_Heinz_SLICED_BOTTLE_6SHT copy

Creative Ad 06_design_ideas copy


Creative Ad_Oryza_chicken copy

Creative Ad_Oryza_fish copy

Do you know what you eat? they convert some vegetable to Insects, crabs




Drink ads, tea or coffee!

Creative Ad 4

Pepsi Boarder, very nice! isn’t it?

Creative Ad_Pepsi_Boarder copy

Creative Ad_Pepsi_Climber copy

Creative Ad_Pepsi_Surfer copy

Look to this advert and Think how much is Cool!

Creative Ad 5

Do you see clothes and a rose merge together?
Creative Ad_06_peter_lippmann copy
Creative Ad_0_peter_lippmann copy

Difficult position between these fierce wolves.What does this advertising mean?Creative Ad 3_Bijenkorf_Wolves_UK copy
Creative Ad_Bijenkorf_Eagles_UK copy

Creative Ad_Bijenkorf_Lion_UK copy

Creative Ad 3

Creative Ad  2

Creative Ad

Creative Ad_I_m_Fine_to_Drive03 copy

Creative Ad_I_m_Fine_to_Drive04 copy

Innovation in the use of hand!

Creative Ad_dx_Gehirn_Anzeige_eng copy

Creative Ad Crocodile copy

Creative Ad_Eagle copy

Creative Ad_Elephant copy

Creative Ad_Tiger copy

Creative Ad_Toukan copy

Creative Ad_Zebra copy

a scary ad and and attract!

Creative Ad_Tele2_BRIS_2of3 copy

Creative Ad_Tele2_BRIS_3of3 copy

Creative Ad 1_Tele2_BRIS_1of3

Camera adWorks

Creative Ad_design_ideas copy

Creative Ad Leica_Blue Wall_ep copy

Creative Ad_Leica_Metal_Sheet_ep copy

Creative Ad_Leica_Ivy_ep copy

Creative Ad_Leica_iron_Fence_ep copy


Creative Ad_Cranes copy

Creative Ad_Couples-Therapy copy

Creative Ad_Circumciser copy

Creative Ad_Lawyers copy

Creative Ad_Mirrors copy


Creative Ad_Hollywood_2 copy

Creative Ad_Moscow_1 copy

Creative Ad_Switzerland_3 copy

World No Tobacco Day!

Creative Ad World_No_Tobacco_Day copy

Kids soccer,Amnesty press

Creative Ad Kids_soccer_Amnesty_press copy

Creative Ad Bones_Amnesty_press copy

Creative Ad_Kids_hanging_Amnesty_press copy

Creative Ad Liberia_Winterthur   x030 copy

Creative Ad_Iraq_zurich   x030 copy

Creative Ad_Iraq_Berne   x030 copy

Creative Ad_Abugraib_Lugano   x030 copy

Creative Ad_Unicef_Bad_water copy

Creative Ad_rearmirror copy

Creative Ad_financialexpert copy

Creative Ad_lawyer copy

Creative Ad_icter copy

Creative Ad_prspecialist copy

Creative Ad_vocalcords_emi copy

Creative Ad-pop_heart_emi copy
Guinness Hurling EYE

Creative Ad_GuinnessHurling_EYE_1_of_3

Creative Ad_GuinnessHurling_F_PRINT_2_of_3 copy

Creative Ad_GuinnessHurling_HEAD_3_of_3 copy

Creative Ad balluu1 copy

environmental impact

Creative Ad_environmental_impact copy

Creative Ad  Hi-Fi_club   x740 copy

Creative Ad_DISSOLVENT copy

Creative Ad_GASOLINE copy

Creative Ad_PAINT copy

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