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A unique talent web designer ADIS HASANIC


Peace be upon you.
We honored very much Adis Hasanic to your agreement to make interview in Desigg.com.
Adis Hasanic is a unique talent from Bosnia and Herzegovina, a small country in south-east part Europe. he have 15 years . despite his young age , he is arrive to professional level and his works characteristics by comfortable , clean and brilliant. he is a freelance graphic  designer , awesome web and logo designs.
we hope that the interview be useful to you.

— How do you get into the design world? What’s first program you learned?

It was the first half of year 2009 when I first opened Photoshop. It was love at first sight. I found about Photoshop at this Bosnian gaming portal called Gamers.ba (that’s also a domain). I saw a lot of clan leaders were looking for a logo design, so I explored more about it and a little birdy told me I need Adobe Photoshop to make it.
Maybe a year later, I got into web design and today I’m proud of what I evolved into. But there’s still a long way for me to go and learn all the stuff I need to be better.
And big thanks to the most awesome (invite-only) community ever – the www.encide.net

— Which systems do you use /mac/windows/Linux?

I use Windows 7.

– What skills and technologies are you interested in learning?

My plan for a little more distant future is to have my own great business and company so I’m interested in learning good part of economics/management and go further with graphic design and design in general.

– What’s your favorite development language and why? What other features do you want to add to this language?

I’m only a front-end developer, so my answer should probably be HTML

– What are apps you use in your programming and design? What are a few of your favorite development tools and why?

I mostly use tools from Adobe’s Creative Suite, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver. I also know a little bit of 3D art so I could add to that a simple software for 3D – Maxon’s Cinema 4D.

– What’s favorite web browser do you use and why?
Google Chrome. It’s very simple to use, minimal, light, clean and real fast.

– From your work we notice that your work is clean and comfortable. Where from you inspired your ideas? What are the sites you follow it daily?

Hmm… well I love spending my time on DeviantART so that’s a big source of inspiration for me. A site I visit daily is also dribbble.com which I’m a member of as well.
And I actually don’t like to have any particular style. I’m open for any kind of web design, as long as it fits its primary goal.

– What do you decide that you become a web designer? Is it your study field? What’s your advice for beginners?

I love design. There’s no really some particular explanation for it but I simply enjoy doing it.
Advice for starters – listen carefully to every critique you get and never take it personal. Practice as much as you can and read some tutorials and articles here and there. If you find it boring, then it’s not a job for you.

– Is your creative dependence on your mood? Which times are you prefer to work (day/night)?

Well it is big part, but I use both parts of my brain to accomplish my goal. My feelings and my logic are most of the times mixed into one in my end-results.
I don’t really care. When I work, time doesn’t exist

– Everyone have a purpose to achieve it by his work. What the purpose from your work?

To help people understand better. That simple

– What things you do to turn off your mind away work? What are your hobbies?

Like most – surfing the internet, watching movies, going out etc.

( Fly with me )
– Imagine that the world became one union country and offer to you to create a logo for country’s flag. What’s to be your idea?

Planet earth in the middle of half-splitter black and white 🙂

Finally, we thank you so much for giving desigg.com a part of your time , we hope success in your work and life.
Best regards for you from Desigg teamwork

To follow Adis Hasanic visit his site and his gallery

adishasanic.com Deviantart


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