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70+ New Example of Brochures #2

Brochures and Business cards are used by companies or individuals to provide brief information during formal introductions. They include information such as name, address, e-mail, telephone number and offer services  etc . These 70+ New and Creative Example of Brochures Printing. You can learn from them and get nice ideas for your designs.

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Business brochure


  1. Very good collection! Whenever I get a new project for a brochure I always have a hard time finding nice examples of brochures. This is a good resource. Thank you.

  2. This is one-of-the-most-quaility-post i have read or seen latelly. Finally someone to go back to odl good graphic design, not just wordPress everywhere you look arround. Thanks – great inspiration. Lie a fresh breay=th

  3. I think I only saw one or two good brochures. Aweful collection. Really poor designs

  4. Greatings, Come On


  5. this was a terrible collection i just threw up in my mouth a little after seeing these.

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