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7 Essential Elements of Successful Logos

Whether they’re creative or corporate, logos have a tough job to do. They have to look cool, represent a brand’s identity, and convince customers to take action and engage with that brand. That’s a pretty tall order, and it seems not all logos make the cut. Sometimes, logo designs just don’t “work.”

That’s because they’re missing something. Most logos that fail do so because they lack certain components, whereas successful logos maximize the power of these same traits. Most importantly, successful logos strike the perfect balance between each of these crucial traits.

So what are the necessary qualities of a good logo? For starters, truly good logos are enticing to the brand’s target audience, yet unique enough to stand out in a sea of symbols. They’re built to last with timeless designs, yet include something new to capture the audience’s imagination. They’re simple, yet adapt to any situation. And they are always consistent with the brand’s identity.

This handy how-to guide from Company Folders will teach you how to employ these seven essential elements in your next logo design. It even comes complete with “do” and “don’t” examples from real brands, so you can see what makes world-famous logos tick.


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