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50 Beautifully Blue Designs

Blue is quiet color, we see it everywhere, sky, water and sea etc. Designers love this color and use it in designs. I think this color need more careful if you want to use it in your artworks, because of its  sensitive and need professional mixing. In this post I collect some nice example of blue designs, websites, logo, icons brochures, typography and photography. I hope you enjoy and inspire you!

50 Beautifully Blue Designs

Blue Web Designs

Blue Designs

blue designs

blue designs

blue designs

blue designs

Blue Photography

Blue Brochures & Cards

blue designs

blue designs

Blue Logo

Blue Typography

Blue Icons

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  1. Awesome roundup. The icons are neat!

  2. Very good!!

  3. Good collection.

    I like the Nokia:)

    Really great

  4. Good Collection, thanks! 😀

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