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38 wonderful birds photos

Photography pictures records life of people,animals,and every thing around us. Photos became like a memory to us,photos make communication with every thing in world people,and time.In this collection we choose some of wonderful birds are vary in colors,kinds,and it’s behavior .
we want share with you some of beautiful birds , we hope it get your attention.

Swans at the dark evening BY.. vlastas

Roller Time BY.. LEkROm

African Masked Weaver 1 BY.. Nyeleti

Cleaning Day. BY.. thrumyeye

Mi primer martin BY.. javierherrera86

Swallow tailed Kites BY.. FForns

Angry Zebra Finch BY.. Berryness

Zebra finches II. BY.. Evey-Eyes

A nuthatch BY.. corsuse

Chapada Flycatcher BY.. BrunoDidi

Conversationalist BY.. chik1117

A Robin eating berries BY.. masscreation

Waxwing and oak leaves BY.. masscreation

Birds BY.. MagicWorld

Blue Heron BY.. masscreation

Pelican BY.. jplaut92

Alice coming out BY.. rlmawwhtmttk

GOSSIP BY.. lightrae

Puffin Portrait BY.. alannahILY

.:E g r e t :. BY.. ghopper99

Proud Duck BY.. jplaut92

duck BY.. lzrover

Buzzard_3 BY.. PiTurianer

Mother’s Embrace by.. SirTimid

The Ugly Duckling BY..  Doctaah

Flamingo: Red is all around BY.. Allerlei

Dance. BY.. hayleyvictoria77

Nice pine cones BY..  masscreation

Merops apiaster BY.. javierherrera86

A True King BY.. FantasticFennec

London Zoo I BY.. cwgk91

shy beauty BY.. honilani

Owl BY.. jakedoom

Owl BY.. BloodyMinded6

Owl BY.. mhubregtse

The hunter BY.. Richard-XX

Sweet beak BY.. Allerlei

White Peacock 04 BY.. MapleRose-stock

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