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35 Creative USB Flash drive designs

I wanted to buy a new USB flash drive so I decided to check the prices on the internet, to my surprise I stumbled upon unusual yet very extraordinary USB flash drive designs, so i thought of sharing it all to you… It’s worth the penny if it’s this good! Enjoy!

Great for Photographers

Canon 5D USB Flash Drive


Film Roll USB Flash Drive

Food Shaped

SUSHI Tray USB Flash Drives

Fruits and Cookies USB Flash Drivers

Taco Bell sauce USB Flash Drive

Chocolate USB Flash Drives

Hamburger USB Flash Drive

The Sassy Girls

Red Lipstick USB Flash Drive

Ring USB Flash Drives

Sports Fanatics

Bowling Pin USB Flash Drives

Golf Ball USB Flash Drive

Surf Board USB Flash Drives

Animals/Cartoon Fanatics

Angry Birds USB Flash Drives

Smurfs USB Flash Drives

Sponge Bob USB Flash Drive

Hello Kitty USB Flash Drive

Transformer USB Flash Drive

Penguin USB Flash Drive

Ninja USB Flash Drive


Mechanical USB Flash Drive

Syringe USB Flash Drive

Key USB Flash Drive

Concrete Block USB Flash Drives 

Cardboard USB Flash Drives

Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive

Colorful Brick Flash Drives

Computer Related Tools

Folder USB Flash Drives

Padlock USB Flash Drives

Expensive/Money Related 

Gold Brick USB Flash Drives

Credit Card USB Flash Drive

Music Related

Radio Tape USB Flash Drive

Boombox USB Flash Drive

Ipod USB Flash Drive

It’s hard to choose one, but finally i bought an angry bird USB Flash Drive, i hope you guys find a good one too!

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  1. Aku mau USB berbentuk tentang puding

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