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30 Awesome Grunge Effect in Web Design

Website is the main interface between the potential clients and the webmasters. Therefore, the manager of the website must make certain that this interface is extremely attractive and user friendly so that it engages the viewers with the website at the first instance. The webmasters have plenty of stylization to choose from to create an exclusive website. One of the styles that you can use to create an exclusive website is the grunge effect.

Grunge means a bit of dirty and messed up look which is just paradox to a cleaner appearance. So if you want to try out something new that is totally unusual, then grunge is certainly the effect you are looking forward to. This is a contemporary trend that many webmaster are opting for in the recent time and the web designers are also being able to come up with innovative design with a bit of a messy and grunge effect for your website. To have a grunge effect in a website, the webmaster must use a rich background design on which the content of the site as well as the menus will get a better exposure. With these rich and dirty textures backgrounds the developers have the choice of using funky font style that can add more depth to the menus of the website.

1. Gary Nock

2. Gerald Scarfe

3. Media Soldier

4. Peter Granfors

5. Kari jobe

6. Jeremy Zevin

7. Jared Campbell

8. Iemai

9. Ali Felski

10. Biola Undergrad

11. Bridge55

12. My Web Blog

13. Cyril Blondeau

14. Live Africa

15. Normanniae

16. Vondutch

17. Shawn Johnston

18. Seed Hunter

19. Marlon Messam

20. The Beehive

21. Ndesign Studio

22. Kenny Saunders

23. Sycfuk

24. Gangibob

25. Nilarian Trendy

26. Crssrd

27. Rails for Zombies

28. The Farmer & The Chef

29. Every Time I Die

30. Thread’s Not Dead

In this article we have accumulated the list of the most attractive grunge effect web site design for the benefit of the web designers to get valuable inspiration for the website that will be extremely helpful for their future endeavors.

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