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25 Amazing conceptual artworks

Conceptual design is a type of art which gives precedence to hypothetical function, it is the creation and exploration of new ideas. It is distinguished from conceptual art by closely relating to function; it is distinguished from design in general by not necessarily being actually functional but as illustrating a design that may show an idea that may potentially be functional.

This collection shows you the special and individual ideas which gives you a lot of inspiration and some of new ideas to help you in your work art. Now i will leave you with some of unique art , and i hope you get inspire ideas from this individual collection.


Reflex 2

You May Never Get It Again

Where we Settled

When The Man Wins


Solar Eclipse of The Heart



New Life

Malang City | frame 01

Flying House

Flight of the Phoenix

fishing in the sky

dread naught




Conceptual art…

Beyond Freedom

Almost there

A tale of love


stairway to heaven

__n_[ i ]_n__

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